GIANPIERO ALICCHIO, director of the film The Date

06. April 2014.
GIANPIERO ALICCHIO, director of the film Date

What is the main idea of your film?

My main idea was to investigate the world of men-women relations, which is complicated since each of us, is complicated. While we automatically want to simplify things, as soon we establish a relationship with someone, we become complicated and our relationship complex.

Watching your film, we get the sense that men have started to be ashamed of courtship and that courtship is somehow < dead >?

It’s true. I am a romantic guy and I want to deny that fact. Courtship has become a rule, men don’t want to court women, but they have to, it’s a stage you have to pass in order to move forward. It’s natural; it’s something I want, because if your desire is alive, there is a possibility for things to become magical, as opposed of something I merely have to do in order to achieve my goal.

You are also an actor in the film, on top of being the director. Was it difficult to perform both roles?

This was the first experience of that kind for me and I have concluded it is extremely complicated to be an actor and the director of a film at the same time. I am very committed to what I do and hence as an actor, I had to work on the character, the theme, various situations and relationships with other characters. As a director, I had to distance myself from other characters and that was no simple, but I succeeded and had great fun in the process.

Do you have any plans for the future?

We are currently working on a new project with the crew of the film “The Date”. We don’t know if there will be a sequel, but we are working on a full-feature film and who knows, maybe we will shoot a scene or two here in Belgrade.


Aleksandra Đerić